Privacy Policy

Our clients private information is our primary focus. We take the task of protecting your personal data as an important responsibility. This is the primary reason why we disclose all of our data collection policies, processes, storage etc. By relaying the different ways that we compile your data, this allows the transparency of your data to be maintained. If you have doubts about any of the policies that we practice, you have the ability to email us any and all of your queries. Our representatives will be in contact with you expediently.

The information that we protect regarding our clients, allows us to be able to deliver a personalised service. In order to ensure that you are a real-person and not a computer, we do require you to provide us with a few bits of personal information. However, the data that we collect is basic, and does not go in depth. The services rendered are only able to be offered to clients that are able to identify themselves through an identification or drivers license number.

All data that we collect, is only used for relevant purposes. The information that you provide will be used solely for your case, and the services that you seek. The data that we require is collected by asking our clients to fill out an online form, or to enquire about our services to one of our representatives. The information requested is not personal. Information that we collect is: your name, address, phone number, and birthdate. Information that you provide will be matched with public records, to verify your identity. Because the information will be compared with public records to simplify the process, it is important that only genuine information is rendered.

Some of the information that is collected is sensitive. Revealing the data that you have openly given to us with other sources, goes against the Data Protection Act that was written into law in 1998. Aside from your basic information, we also ask for criminal records, your ethnic background, and health records. But, you need to be able to rest easy that the information that is going to be taken will only be used as it relates to your case.

All information that is provided is never shared with third party entities for commercial related reasons. Clients worry that their private data is going to be used by third party companies that will attempt to sell them their products and services. However, with us, you do not have to worry, because we believe in privacy. All of the data that you provide is only going to be used in house, as it relates to your case, and the services that you require.

Our site does not utilise cookies. Therefore, the only data that our site will keep is going to be data that you have personally agreed to render. With our site, you never have to worry about your information ending up in the wrong hands. Our database is not accessible to anyone, therefore you can be rest assured that all of your information is going to remain secure.